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World Quest chat links is broken

If I print, the link works as intended, is yellow and I can click it.
If I for instance, link the quest to my party or just "SAY", it shows as plain text:

print ("|cffffff00|Hquest:41145:110|h[Water of Life]|h|r")
SendChatMessage("|cffffff00|Hquest:41145:110|h[Water of Life]|h|r", "SAY", "Common")

The result with print() and SendChatMessage:

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The server probably converted the link to text because it felt you shouldn't be able to link it in the first place.
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Being that it's a level 110 quest and all...
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I've run into this in beta constantly, sometimes quest links work, sometimes they don't. Most of the time, it's WQs, but I've had this happen a couple times on regular ones.
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For reference from #wowuidev

Sept 15 00:05.15 <TheDanW> Ketho: linking WQs is still the same as live, it's on our list to fix soon(tm)

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