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Releasing a modified version of an older "addon"

Hi. At one point I was part of the old AI-Art team and I have been given permission specifically on the classic version for release. I know Quokka comes back every now and then, and I have sent him a message to get added to the curator team again. My question, is can I release an "AI-Art: WoW Classic", if I already have his permission within my own curator page without being added on as a curator to the original project?

The reason I ask, the original works have been abandoned, but I have permission specifically for the 1.12 files. If I have done work to make them work (which I did this weekend, still more to do) as long as I credit and have the permission can I not curate?

The original project is here: https://www.wowinterface.com/downloa...48-AI-Art.html

For reference this is what I played last weekend:

Full album - https://imgur.com/a/ZJTDGUY

Example image -
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