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Silly Noob Question

First off, howdy all, finding the site VERY informative and highly entertaining (god bless whoever did the python takeoff for the rules, thought i was gonna wet myself at work).

Next, new to the UI community for WoW. Did it for EQ2, and found the effects very helpful. Hoping it will do the same here.

My question is this. When these UI mods are placed correctly, and a patch occurs, what steps are needed to upgrade those mods, for the new patch? Or is there no patching necessary, as the mods won't be affected?



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Glad you enjoyed. I think I had as much fun writing it as I hoped others would have reading it.

Currently, the easiest way to deal with patches that break UI mods is to get logged in as far as your character select screen. On that screen, down in the bottom left hand corner, is a button called "AddOns". If you click on that, it brings up a list of the various AddOns you are using. At the top of the list, is a check box "Version Compatibility". You can un-check that box and play that way, while waiting for the mod authors to verify the compatibility of their mods to the new patch and to update accordingly.

Do not use the various "toc updaters" that you see around, they may work, but then again, if you've gone ahead and done this, then when all of a sudden your UI doesn't work any more, you'll have absolutely no idea which mods are actually current and which ones you used this "shortcut" on.

Blizz is going to be changing the way it handles AddOns in the next content patch, to make the messages a bit less scary for those that aren't extremely computer-savvy, and a bit more flexible in the handling of the files for those that are.
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