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Post looking for a long term replacement for fambags

hi. so i am a very dedicated fambags user. i am not sure i will ever be completely satisfied with anything else moving forward. i had used baggins and adibags prior, but fambags wins every time for me.

my problem is that fambags is in pretty bad shape. it is probably safe to assume that, in its current form, will not function in the next expansion.

let me try and explain the core feature of fambags that i have not been able to find elsewhere

see... you set up your categories just like baggins and adibags... but here's the thing... if you don't like where something is defaulted, you simply CTRL+right click and your move it to a different category. i have become obsessed with this feature!

so this is a plea for:
*** someone to take over fambags
*** for the author of one of the other category style bag mods to duplicate this ability
*** someone to make something new
*** or something better exists and i just don't know about it
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I haven't used Baggins since vanilla WoW, but you can easily move items into new categories with AdiBags. You can even create new categories. I have made several in my own layout.

To move items from one category to another, drag an item onto the category title text and drop. It even gives you a tool tip help box.

In order to create new categories, go into the settings and click Manual Filter. In the first field, drag one item you want in the new category, name the second field and click OK, select a subsection in the third field and click OK. When that is done, you can see the new filter with the new name and your first item in a little box. Beside that item is a blank box, where you can add as many other items as you'd like.

I created and moved all the Timeless Isle buffs like that.

So maybe FamBags, which I have never used, is awesome, but if that is the feature you are missing, then consider it found!
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hmm. when i was using adibags, the only way i found to do this was a per item exception in the settings, but i suppose i didn't try dragging items onto headers. suppose i will test this as soon as i finish up this LFR. if this works as well as you say then this solves everything! ty for the reply.
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I was also a fambags user, now I'm using cargBags Nivaya (MoP update) http://www.wowinterface.com/download...MoPupdate.html

It's straight forward to set up extra categories and to move items between categories.
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After reading what the OP was looking for and having tried dozens of bag addons myself, I rushed to the bottom of thread to post about cargBags Nivaya MoP update only to see it already has been suggested
I believe this has exactly the feature needed - easily created categories and items moved freely between them only with a mouse click.
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