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Guild Notes ++

As a GM for several years I have always wished there was a way to keep more notes on players than what blizzard has to offer. Public and Officer notes are just not enough today. With several addons that use these notes to keep information in them in order to work, we lose the option to hide them and keep important info that is valuable to remember people by and inform other officers.

I would like to see an addon that we are able to keep notes, such as date a player joined the guild, if they are connected to another player such as husband/wife team or best friends. There name of their main character so we can keep track of alts and mains. And anything else that may need to be remembered for any reason like if a person was above average, someone who may be in the dog house, notes about raiding performance for trials and so on. It does not have to be this huge complicated addon. I would like it so it can be shared among different ranks I choose. If possible at all have a section that can be more public or just for certain ranks and another section for higher ranks.

Just an idea. If I knew how to write code for this I would try to do it myself but I am not a programmer just a GM of a guild.

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It would be quite easy to store local notes on guild members, and a huge pain to keep them synced with other players.

For someone to receive updated notes, they'd have to be sent a message from another user who's online with more up-to-date information.

I'm not sure what the character limit on addon messages is any more, but if you're storing a significant amount of data on players it might take a few messages to broadcast for each player, and in a large guild that could add up to a lot of traffic.
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I've used a system of sequence numbers/tombstones/etc. like in common directory services to sync the data when I developed such a sync-functionality.

It's easy to implement and the amount of traffic commonly is very low - as it only transmits the sequence numbers for unmodified entries.
At least if you local database isn't empty or very old.

You could also compress/pack the string data. There are lots of pre-made algorithms out there.
Like https://github.com/antirez/smaz/tree/master

'This is a small string' compressed by 50%
'foobar' compressed by 34%
'the end' compressed by 58%
'not-a-g00d-Exampl333' enlarged by 15%
'Smaz is a simple compression library' compressed by 39%
'Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide' compressed by 49%
'this is an example of what works very well with smaz' compressed by 49%
'1000 numbers 2000 will 10 20 30 compress very little' compressed by 10%

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What's about http://www.wowinterface.com/download...uildNotes.html?
I know it's not excatly what you're looking for, but could be usefull though.

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Moving this out of the Wish List forum (where authors post requests to Blizzard) and into the Addon Search/Requests forum (where users post requests to authors).
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