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04-16-09, 03:39 PM   #1
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Problem with UI Manager

Hello, hope this conner is the right one^^

Well, I've installed the UI-Manager and klicked on update, after that, the tool shows a button behinde every addon in my list (more than 100 addons) "relove".

If I click on it, it tells me to insert a UID... Well, do I really have to search every addon from the page and enter the UID?

There are "subaddons" in many addons like "!Swatter" from Auctioneer and with the "Searchfunction" in here, I can't find this addon.

Does I do anything wrong?
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04-16-09, 04:15 PM   #2
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The current version of the updater relies on the Favorites list on this site (hence the need to login to the updater) to determine which addons you have from this site. If you have none saved to favorites, or it has problems recognizing them, then it asks you to enter in the file id of the addon (found at the end of the url for the addon's download page) to make sure that it gives you the correct addons.
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05-03-09, 06:12 AM   #3
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When i try to run it, it does something that makes my computer slow. i have like more than 100 addons and i also have a favorites list, although it doesn't reconise it. Also most of my addons need to be "resolved" and just a few "confirmed". If you know how i can delete the settings and everything form this mod and reinstall it i'd be grateful. If not, guess i'll just have to wait til the new updater.
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05-09-09, 04:35 AM   #4
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As Seera said aswell, you need to tell the old updater wich addon it is.

You can either log in to the updater and then using your favorites you tag on the site. Or you can do it all manually by providing the id's to the addons

Or just wait for the new one to be avaiable.
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05-09-09, 06:55 AM   #5
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How do i get it to just do the favorites then?
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05-09-09, 12:28 PM   #6
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See if the information in this thread will help you.
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