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Gather target radius bug after leaving an instance

I didn't want to necro an old thread, but my issue was briefly discussed several months ago, without resolution, here: http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/s...ad.php?t=38090

This is something that I've known about for several months, but since I'm back on my miner again after a hiatus, I thought I'd say something, see if anyone has any ideas.

I like to mine between randoms, but each time after I do an instance, when I return to my original location, Carbonite no longer "notices" that I'm within the Gather Radius of the nodes on the routing, unless I go directly over them, and most of the time not even then. This problem occurs both when I leave the routing up the whole time I'm in the instance, as well as when I clear the routing and restart it when I'm done with the instance.

The only way to get it to properly recognize the gather radius again is to reload my ui, after each and every instance.

Any ideas?

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