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Exclamation Bug reporting

Is there a way like the Curse Client to report bugs without copying it to a forum (click on addon and select report bug) of manageing tickets for issues and inprovement request...??? It would improve work on the addon by better manageing the issues the users have (feature request, bugs (low to critical), and conflicts with other addons..

If that is already set up please inform me as to how to use it ??

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I've enabled reporting through curseclient, so you can use that if you wish. I prefer bugs submitted here, but I also realize not everyone comes to these forums.
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Another nice thing about reporting here vs the Curse Client is that if someone wants to report a bug, and they search the bug forum, AND THEY SHOULD SEARCH THE BUG FORUM, they can find that others have the same issue and/or it's already been reported, thus avoiding deluging Rythal with duplicates of the same issue. Curse Client bug reporting has no such functionality.

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