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My apologies. It was StUF, not SUF that I was setting up. DOH! I always get those two mixed up.
Ahhhh, the vagueries of the aging mind. Wait.... What was I saying?

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Originally Posted by Tonyleila View Post
PitBull has always been TOO highly configurable for me - when I last looked into it it was PitBull 3 and had to watch youtube guids to understand how to set it up. Are you shure you are talking about SUF with reload? Or Stuf?
Originally Posted by 10leej View Post
It's much simpler nowadays. however still complex if you don't know what your looking at.
I like SUF, but it like the others can be too complicated and I find myself wasting time. Someday, I will sit down and focus on learning oUF and being better with LUA. Right now, I am trying different oUF layouts.
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i change my UI alot of times, but this is what im working on right now, the UI changed color on mainbars and minimap.

Example; Combat=Red, Idle=Yellow, Stealth=Blue.

its still in his early phase tho no raid frames and lot of otherthings still need a tweak like my buffs and such if i would emblem this as a version it would be v0.2b so ye dont judge to hard

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Originally Posted by zork View Post
I'm still using my Diablo UI.

I had intentions in the last weeks to get back to a stripped down UI. Basically just simple font. Simple statusbars and a small backdrop shadow.

Experimenting with a pixelated UI would be interesting aswell.

I'm not raiding any more so...
Those party frames? What texture is that? And do you mind sharing?!
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04-13-15, 02:09 AM   #45
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Here is mine.

It is a working progress while I am studying OUF framework to make my layout.

I have tried Phanx, p3lim and others and now I am using Skaarj which is working so great that I have lost will to build mine :-)

Btw here is the interface of my little mage vs training dummy ... the usual epic fail :-)


Most of the interface is WTF free with a lot of Zork addons:

- rActionBarStyler
- rActionButtonStyler
- rBuffFrameStyler
- rChat
- rFilter3
- rMinimap
- rPlayerPowerBarAlt
- rTooltip
- rVignette

just a little bit customized to share the same textures and fonts (removing the ugly outline effects from everywhere I hope zork don't read it :-)

- tullaCC
- tullaRange

- InfinityPlate
- Xloot
- Bugger
- Gofish

- Bazooka

- Some addons of mine, like HideToolTip and others (only to demo that someone uses them :-)
- Others here and there :-)

A special mention to a couple of addons I use since so long time :

- SimpleSelfRebuff
- LitePanels

SimpleSelfRebuff is so usefull.

LitePanels is the addon that make the background around zork's rActionBarStyler and it has this layout based on the fact you show (from blizzard menu) 2 or 3 rows of action bars.

Lua Code:
  1. lpanels:CreateLayout("Back3r", {
  2. {   name = "P1", anchor_to = "BOTTOM", x_off = 0, y_off = 2,
  3.     bg_alpha = 0.7, width = 420, height = 108,
  4.     border = "SOLID", border_color = "CLASS",
  5. },
  7. } )
  10. lpanels:CreateLayout("Back2r", {
  11. {   name = "P1", anchor_to = "BOTTOM", x_off = 0, y_off = 2,
  12.     bg_alpha = 0.7, width = 420, height = 76,
  13.     border = "SOLID", border_color = "CLASS",
  14. },
  16. } )
  19. if MultiBarBottomRight:IsShown() == true or MultiBarBottomRight:IsVisible() == true then   
  21.         lpanels:ApplyLayout(nil, "Back3r")
  23.     else
  25.         lpanels:ApplyLayout(nil, "Back2r")
  26. end
  29. -- lpanels:ApplyLayout("n:axilea", "Back3r")

Ehm the above code, after a better check don't seems to works so good so the best thing for me now is to add the name of pg in the statements:

lpanels:ApplyLayout("n:frostanzo", "Back2r")

and removing the if conditions. I really don't know why ... but I am investigating :-)

I have found the problem, but ... I'll post an help request in XML/LUA Help forum searching for some clues/tips because I don't know how to fix (if possible) it :-)

This is Unix-Land. In quiet nights, you can hear the Windows machines reboot.

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