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Becoming a mouseless healer

Anywhere else that I would post this, it would probably get torn to shreds by the glorious PC master race, but I just wanted to share it purely from a technical standpoint. Even if you have an overzealous hatred towards the small minority of players who use controllers to play WoW, you might still appreciate this as a developer:

As you can imagine, playing the game with a controller has its drawbacks and a major one is that it might feel like it would be impossible to heal efficiently. To solve this problem, I implemented a way of finding and caching unit frames in order to create a snapping targeting cursor. And it worked, and it was faster than trying to play whack a mole with a thumb stick, but it was still fairly slow because of the 1:1 i/o ratio.

A couple of months ago though, I was approached by one of my users called Yoki with a concept. It was basically a system based around the EasyMotion plugin for VIM, which generates shortcut tokens to different points in a given text. Following a token moves the text pointer to that location.

I rewrote Yoki's implementation of EasyMotion from scratch to generate tokens based on unit names instead of on-screen position, with a bit of clever filtering, and the result is this:

This healing demo was pretty much the first time I tried this system to see how well it worked. I shifted some bindings around, and read through the spellbook to figure out how to play Mistweaver. I was able to finish the Proven Healer after a few tries.

Anyway, just wanted to share this because it was a fun technical challenge that led up to something that worked way better then I had anticipated.
Here's the code that runs it:

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I am unlikely to ever switch to a controller for WoW however, this is really quite something well done.

On a side note the UI itself looks fantastic so clean and simple.


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