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Cool Hunter pet bar suddenly stopped appearing


Not sure if this is the right forum to post this. But I'll start from here.

Few days ago I started a new hunter. I was using ElvUI (latest version), everything was working fine, I got all set up and everything was cozy and funky.

Then, bam, suddenly the pet action bar (pet UI) disappeared. ElvUI started showing pet bar as empty placeholders. I was sure it was the pet bar as when I hid the pet bar in ElvUI settings that action bar disappeared. And I could not drag skills in to it.

I dismissed the pet, summoned back.

No help.

I tried to use a macro:
/script PetActionBarFrame:Show()

No help.

I disabled ALL addons, then deleted following folders from WoW installation directory:

No help.

Well, I deleted the whole WoW installation folder, I mean *everything* and did a fresh download/install.

No help.

Where is my pet action bar? am I blind? Pet skills do exist in the skillbook (pet tab).

I'll include a image how it looks. It has no addons installed at all, just plain wow after installation. I did full UI settings reset using Settings -> Interface -> Defaults. Then enabled the bars that are visible in the image.


So, can anyone help?
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