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08-29-16, 09:19 AM   #81
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09-12-16, 07:07 AM   #82
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This is my UI i use for 5-6 years now, mainly for rogue and my warrior alt.

Simple Screenshot:

Video with (combat/non combat effects):

Old Raid Video:

The videos are from 2010, so the screenshot is "the current state" and a bit updated, but the functionality is still the same.

I'm open for ideas or questions.
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12-07-16, 08:34 PM   #83
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a eye friendly ui

just something i threw together when i was bored

soloing content

while raiding, the bers you see below my actionbars are big wigs timers, not spell timers. its just test bars i toggled
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01-19-17, 01:37 PM   #84
[email protected]
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Rogue Simple UI

My simple rogue UI Click image for larger version

Name:	ui.png
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ID:	8898
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09-24-18, 01:58 PM   #85
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See Yulu UI in action: here

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01-22-19, 11:16 PM   #86
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Happy enough to leave it be....for now.

So this is where I have ended up with my UI, I will add a raid screenshot to show how grid is displayed in that scenario at some point.

I have done away with my player frame altogether and am using weak auras for bars, the class icon has been kept from the unit frame to keep click functionality. There is a feedback post also up which lists addons I have used.

Still some minor alignment tweaks to go I have not run a grid over it yet I just eyeballed everything to get it going.


Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	WoWScrnShot_012319_160057.jpg
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ID:	9204  Click image for larger version

Name:	WoWScrnShot_012319_160508.jpg
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06-30-19, 08:57 PM   #87
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Exclamation my custom made UI skin

my UI screenshot.
Steampunk Gear skin for Btex addon
Addons used.
Btex (my fan update 2.0)
chinchilla minimap
Titan Panel
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07-20-19, 05:15 PM   #88
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Latest UI creation

Addons Used
  • Btex FA 2.0
  • Bartender4
  • Basic Chat Mod
  • Chinchilla
Just created this one just a little while ago.. took about an hour.. Loving Photoshop Styles..

If you like the setup I have, I will be more then happy when i get time to share the settings.
Here's a direct link to it if you cant see the whole screen from the below image

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07-15-21, 02:00 AM   #89
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Above is a link to a series of pictures showing the basic variabilities of layout for the UI I spent far too many hours honing in wow. I'd chosen to call it "Class Core User Interface" or CCUI. I Got lost in optimizing aesthetics and never sharing (apologies for the selfishness). A few of the iterations were lost as computers broke, but here's what's left. Can't say I play these days, but I put too many hours into it to not share it.

All credit goes to (among many lost names): Birg, Haleth (skarie for keeping a version alive), pHishr, Duke, p3lim, Lynn, Vxt, Halcyon, Vranx, Roth, Tuk, Elv, SrCarebear, Kendian, ComputerNerd, Taryble too who share's that avatar (cant remember who joined first), Kolkil, Sunnydee, don't recall the name of the creator; but "ultimui," Much gratitude for putting up and addressing my anonymous altogether plebian questions. Lastly (most importantly) for providing the horsepower behind the idea of CCUI (utilizing the existing class crests as an anchor to base a user interface around) Odylle. Never thanked you for that... so, Thanks be to you sir or ma'am. I know there are so many more. forgive me, and pls drop ur names by. The UI community that was created by wow has and i hope might remain something special.

As Far as what I did with the inspiration these good folks fed me- Each class and most specs have modified "class core" crest art (just changin colors and cleaning up some pixels here and there; at the last time of my playing they also included relevant class ability procs/cooldowns/snapshots/pandemic timers) and through the grace of weakauras two (those godly creators) relevant spell effects conveying pertinent information to the user while also feeling "immersive" as best as i could figure at the time. Some classes more than others, but check the screenshots. If the interest is there, I will learn how to make videos and upload some of all the classes/specs I did something with. Hope someone finds it useful )

* I would be remiss to not mention the above par running of this site. If i wasn't such a technological pleb i'd know who to thank. but I don't. Certainly for the forward facing personalities of Cairenn and Seerah to say nothing of the rest of the mods, thanks for all the help you provided

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09-13-22, 12:02 AM   #90
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My current UI to display. Click image for larger version

Name:	badfadfasfsd.jpg
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Size:	463.8 KB
ID:	9749
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