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Love the UI, but the BAGS

I love the UI just the way it is... except for the bags, is there a way to change the bag layout to Arkinventory, easily.. if not I'll live with the bag layout, cause the rest of the interface does everything else I've been looking for ....
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It's very easy to change the bags to anything you'd like, just install your preferred Bag addon

nUI does not modify the default bags themselves. So the way they are presented when you open one or all bags is the same as without any addons whatsoever. The only thing that is being done is to move/change the icons representing the bagbar.

Hope that helps
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Thanks, I always assume its going to be more complicated than it turns out to be, works great. Thanks for answering sorry fast ...
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There is also the '/nui onebag' command you can use to have nUI only show your main bag. That way if you use ArkInventory or OneBag with nUI, you don't have to display the extra bags on the bag bar.
  • /nui onebag

    This command toggles nUI's display of the full bag bar on and off. By default, nUI displays the backpack, your four extra bag slots, the minimap button bag and the keyring on the bag bar. Toggling this command will shrink the bag bar to just the backpack, minimap button bag and keyring for compatability with mods such as ArkInventory and other onebag type mods.
A complete list of nUI's slash commands is here: http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/s...ad.php?t=21199

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