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Is this addon working at all?

So... where to begin with?

I spent all day long fiddling with the bars and options, and all I could get was a huge load of frustration. Don't get me wrong, I love this addon (with all that implies: telling ppl to give it a try and donating to support it).

On to the issues:

I created several profiles, and every single time, I got the same result: Profiles were saved incomplete. After each load, I got bars with missing buttons. No, not the classic "?" sign when you are missing the skill due to a spec change. I had no icon at all. And yes, I checked all 4 options when saving the profiles.

Dual Spec... Tried both systems (I believe the user has two ways to use dual spec functionality, but I may be wrong). 1st, I used the profile manager's check box with proper and distinct names to no avail: Had to manually load the proper profile once I switched specs.
Then I switched to the bar property 'DualSpec= on' approach: After switching spec I would get the sign "?" here and there. Again, manual load.

Another thing that happened to me is that somehow the addon would not let me drag and drop a macro to a given spot in a bar. I play a warrior so I have the classic macro that Intercepts/Charges/Intervenes a target depending on the stance and target I currently am and have. When I dragged this macro to the slot bound to '5', I would drop it in vain since Macaroon would not accept that macro in that slot. But if I moved that macro to say slot '16', Macaroon would be happy with it. This bar is 10 columns width, with 20 buttons, giving me a 2-row, 10-column bar.

Last thing that happened is that I tried to perform a ReloadUI. I thought this could help somehow to the spec switching thing. But all I got was no bars at all. Not a single one of all the ones I made. Exit/logged back in and everything was there, but this is something I won't do in raids.

At the moment, I am browsing for other addons that could do this, yet after all this negative experience, I still feel reluctant to let Macaroon go.

Any help will be really appreciated, and any questions will be answered.
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