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Disabling left click and right click on the chat edit box.

Hello there !

I've been writing my own UI last month to get rid of many addons. But here's my final boss.

I was set up like this before and got used by my edit box at center of the screen.
But sometimes i accidentally click on this space of the screen, opening chat box and writing "qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqdddddddddq" while being in raid. I'm looking for a way to disable clicking to open my edit chatbox and just using enter to do it.

I've been looking into this : https://github.com/Gethe/wow-ui-sour.../ChatFrame.lua

Found :

function ChatFrame_OpenChat(text, chatFrame, desiredCursorPosition)
if chatFrame == nil and CHAT_FOCUS_OVERRIDE ~= nil then
if CHAT_FOCUS_OVERRIDE.supportsSlashCommands or not text or strsub(text, 0, 1) ~= "/" then
if text then

local editBox = ChatEdit_ChooseBoxForSend(chatFrame);

editBox.desiredCursorPosition = desiredCursorPosition;

if text then
editBox.text = text;
editBox.setText = 1;

if ( editBox:GetAttribute("chatType") == editBox:GetAttribute("stickyType") ) then
if ( (editBox:GetAttribute("stickyType") == "PARTY") and (not IsInGroup(LE_PARTY_CATEGORY_HOME)) or
(editBox:GetAttribute("stickyType") == "RAID") and (not IsInRaid(LE_PARTY_CATEGORY_HOME)) or
(editBox:GetAttribute("stickyType") == "INSTANCE_CHAT") and (not IsInGroup(LE_PARTY_CATEGORY_INSTANCE))) then
editBox:SetAttribute("chatType", "SAY");

return editBox;
But still, cannot find a way.

Hit me up if you have a hint.

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