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We Don't Wipe

The body of this post is out of date. It will be updated in time for Legion in line with the exciting new design of We Don't Wipe!!!
Can You Add a Module For XXX Class / XXX Spec?
Sorry, I do not play every class/spec and at this stage of WoW's maturity and given my RL situation it is doubtful I will level all possible class/specs to the max. It wouldn't be enjoyable and I play WoW for enjoyment.

I do have several classes near to max level. Specifically, a Paladin, Warlock and a Rogue. They are possible future candidates. My priorities are to focus on maintaining and enhancing what I have done so far, anything new is a bonus.

Can I Make a Module For XXX Class / XXX Spec?
Please do! I have provided a template with instructions in the d/l of WDW. Also look at modules I wrote. You will need some LUA ability. Why not start by changing one of the modules I have written already? I am happy to assist.

How do I Instal WDW / Modules?
(1) Download and unzip the WeDontWipe AddOn
(2) Locate your WoW folder. Go to the "Interface" then "AddOns" folder.
(3) Put the WeDontWipe folder into the AddOns folder.
(4) download any WDW modules of interest.
(5) Put each file with a suffix (aka file name extension) of "lua" into the "Modules" file of WeDontWipe
(6) Quit WoW if you were running it.
(7) Launch WoW
(8) Profit

How do I Update WDW?
Download WeDontWipe and drop it into the WoW -> Interface -> AddOns folder, letting your operating system completely overwrite everything EXCEPT the contents of the Modules folder.

How do I Update a WDW Module?
Download WDW Module of interest. Drop it into the WoW -> Interface -> AddOns -> WeDontWipe -> Modules folder, letting your operating system completely overwrite the previous "lua" file.

I Want Click-Through Icons!
Yes me too. But that would mean removing Tooltips. I need to implement some way so that we can choose either at the time. You'll never be able to have both. That's a limitation of the way things work in WoW. Newer players in particular rely upon Tooltips to identify what the heck it is in the rotation queue.

I Want Clickable Icons / A Macro For the First Icon!
Blizzard won't let me do that. It would lead to botting. There is no way around it (I have tried) and if I did implement a work around I would be perm-banned.

Your Rotation is Wrong!
Maybe. I did find a glaring error in my Frost Mage rotation as I was checking things for Patch 5.4 (sorry), and one other could have been better. I am human. When you do post on the correct comments page of the module it would be helpful if you list YOUR rotation or a link to your favourite pro-player website. I'd like to engage in dialog. Also, some modules include a list of rotations and maybe I could add YOURS to that list, especially if it is good at handling a certain boss/situation!!!

Your Cool Aid AddOn is More Powerful Than We Don't Wipe?
Yes. Over time I might bring some features of Cool Aid into We Don't Wipe. It is possible to turn off cooldowns in WDW and to use Cool Aid instead, you know. It was designed to be like that. In the long term I will aggressively fork CA way beyond WDW. I want WDW to have "DPS" as the main focus, and not cooldown management.

Will You Be Evil (Again) With the Next April Fools Easter Egg?
Yes, but I will provide a very easy means for you to turn off the Easter Egg (which should only be active for one day anyhow) so as to avoid the few negative comments I received last time. I have not decided what to do for 2014 and will take suggestions via PM.

Where Should I Post Questions/Comments?
To be honest, please DO NOT post them here. It will be one more webpage I need to check. Go to the comments section of the module for module questions and to the WDW comments page for general questions. I will not be checking this forum.

Why Don't You Reply to My Questions Here?
Oh dear.
Nobody can resist an adorable Raptor Hatchling pet or the magnificent Netherwing Drake and Long-Forgotten Hippogryph mounts. You'll of course need Dark Soil for The Tillers friendships and a Loose Pebble for your Dog! A familiar treat awaits if you complete Dalaran's Higher Learning. As you journey on this Long Strange Trip, map your way with X and Y coordinates and have some fun with Yarrr for pirate Tooltips.

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