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[WIP] CairithUI

I feel silly naming it after me. =3

Hi everyone! I've gotten so much positive feedback from friends and guild mates that i've decided to post over here in WoWInterface to see what kind of feedback I can receive from other like-minded individuals!

My UI is heavily inspired by Bati's UI back in Lich King (Link here if you don't know what im talking about) and I wanted to make something similar but also unique.

Older Screenshots:

Newest Screenshot after some feedback:

It has also be customized for warlocks in general and i almost have it down to where it can be used by any class. My healing layout is almost done and will have still the look and feel of the main UI area where the castbars and unitframes are.

Any feedback or ideas on how to improve would be greatly appreciated!
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1. Fix the inconsistent fonts. You've got one font in the chat frame, one font on the nameplates and Recount title bar and clock, maybe one font on the raid frames (it's too microscopic to identify the font or even read at all), and one on everything else. I'd just go with the "everything else" font and get rid of the others.

2. The mosaic of statusbars at the bottom is very distracting, both aesthetically -- no two types of bars are the same size! -- and functionally -- I think all those moving, sliding, glowing things would be hard to keep track of effectively in combat.

2.a. If your castbar is so important that it needs to occupy half the width of your screen, try making it smaller, but moving it up above the other things so it's easier to see.

3. Pick one way to show your target debuffs. Right now you've got (a) large bars in the middle of the "bar mosaic", (b) small icons above the target frame and right next to the large bars, and (c) large icons on the nameplate. Personally I'd suggest using one of the icon formats, to try to minimize the number of bars going on down there, but it would also work to get rid of the small icons and move the bars into the space they were occupying, right above the target frame.

4. What is the bluish box behind your action buttons? Why is there so much space between your action buttons? Nothing else is that widely spaced. Try to be consistent.

5. Similarly, try to achieve consistency in colors. Right now you've got way too many different colors going on. The health bars on your player and target frames are two different shades of gray. Your cooldown bar is orange. Your castbar is cornflower blue. You've got turquoise debuff bars, and a red debuff bar. You've got very bright class-colored group frames, while everything else is fairly dark; if that's Grid, try disabling the "Invert bar colors" option. Your ToT frame is some random green color. Your nameplates are spring green and sky blue with a white glow and rounded corners. Everything else is square. Your action buttons have a black border.
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