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Filter Buffs/Debuffs on Default Nameplates

Is there a clean way you can filter(whitelist) the buffs/debuffs shown on the default blizzard nameplates (including the new personal resource display)?

I tried to modify the default filter to show all harmful spells by a player but as far as i can tell it achieved nothing. This is the code i am using for it
hooksecurefunc(NamePlateDriverFrame, "OnUnitAuraUpdate", function(self, unit)
	local filter;
	if UnitIsUnit("player", unit) then
		local reaction = UnitReaction("player", unit);
		if reaction and reaction <= 4 then
			-- Reaction 4 is neutral and less than 4 becomes increasingly more hostile
			filter = "HARMFUL|PLAYER";
			filter = "NONE";
	local nameplate = C_NamePlate.GetNamePlateForUnit(unit);
	if (nameplate) then
		nameplate.UnitFrame.BuffFrame:UpdateBuffs(nameplate.namePlateUnitToken, filter);
After some research i stumbled upon this thread in which the same problem is identified by Ketho but it seems nobody found a solution.

I researched more and found this script/macro on the mmo-champion forums, which stated by the author does the following:
"I was also disappointed the nameplates weren't showing all buffs on me so this script makes it show ALL buffs except indefinite buffs or buffs that last more than about a minute. It also doesn't show buffs with the SpellID specified by b so you can add your own unwanted SpellIDs to b or just leave it as b={} if you don't care."
/run local b={196608,126896};local gn=UnitAura;local function fn(...)local a={gn(...)};a[15]=a[6]~=nil and not tContains(b,a[11])and abs(a[6]-31)<31;return unpack(a);end UnitAura=fn;
This script does indeed work but it uses a blacklist-filtering and i felt like creating a blacklist for all buffs i don't want to see on myself is too much work.
I figured what i need is a whitelist filter so i changed the script to this:
--Filter buffs/debuffs on nameplates, personal resource display
local filter = CreateFrame("Frame")

filter:SetScript("OnEvent", function()
	--This filters debuffs and buffs(personal resource display)
	local Whitelist = {}
	local gn = UnitAura
	local function Filter(...)
		local AllBuffs = {gn(...)}
		AllBuffs[15] = AllBuffs[6] ~= nil and tContains(Whitelist, AllBuffs[11]) and abs(AllBuffs[6]-31)<31 return unpack(AllBuffs) end
	UnitAura = Filter
The whitelist filter works just fine but another problem now occured, the script eats tremendous amounts of memory while running for a longer time resulting in a performance loss and fps drop.
At this point it overextends my coding knowledge and i don't really know how to move on.
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