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Is "UnitIsInMyGuild" a broken function?

It seems like "UnitIsInMyGuild" only checks for those players in your guild with the same realm.
It returns "false" whether you check their realm or not.

For example, your name is AAA-BBB, one of your guild members named CCC-DDD.
Both UnitIsInMyGuild("CCC") and UnitIsInMyGuild("CCC-DDD") would return false.

UnitInRaid and UnitInParty won't support realm info either.
Your name is AAA-BBB, your party member is CCC-DDD.
Both UnitInRaid("CCC") and UnitInRaid("CCC-DDD") return true.

The following code is what I am currently using to check my members.
local UnitInGuild = function(unit)
	for i = 1, GetNumGuildMembers() do
		local name = GetGuildRosterInfo(i)
		if name and name == unit then
			return true
	return false

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Did I miss when you can have a guild member on a different server?
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Originally Posted by Seerah View Post
Did I miss when you can have a guild member on a different server?
Merged realms allow you to have players that are technically on a separate server in your guild.

I had to do something similar to this to mark guild members on their nameplates, but I think I just cached the entire guild roster in a table and referenced that.
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Minor Correction - Connected Realms are actually all on the same server ID

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