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Olok UI

This is a theme of RDX, available automatically when you install RDX.

To open this theme, click on the button "UI" in the main menu, select the "Theme AUI" folder and click on "Olok"

The following UI will be open.

Olok was the GM of "L'Oeil d'Orgrimmar", my guild during vanilla time.
As you can see, this UI is a clone of xperl.
All windows use the same backdrop, border blizzard tooltip with black background.

Windows available in this theme:
- player
- player castbar
- player buff and enchant icons (secured, allow right click remove in combat)
- player debuff icons
- target
- targettarget
- focus
- focustarget
- pet
- pettarget
- party
- partytarget
- raid (+ 8 raid for each group)
- raidpet
- boss
- arena
- chat (with xp bar)
- chateditbox
- minimap
- minimapbuttons
- combatlogs (self only)
- actionbars 1
action bar button 1 to 12 with possess, stance state
action bar button 49 to 60
action bar button 61 to 72
Stance bar
Pet bar
vehicle bar
- actionbars 3
action bar button 25 to 36
action bar button 37 to 48
- Classbar (it changes depend of your class and stance)
Deathknight runes
Druid Eclipse bar
Paladin Holy power
Rogue combo (also for druid)
Shaman totems
Warlock shard bar
Configuration Mode:
Right click on the button UI of the menu to switch to the config mode.

Docking and move engine (in config mode):
Windows are docked by default. See the red anchor point to wich windows are docked together.
To undock a window, right click on the red anchor point.
To dock two windows, drag and drop the anchor point of the first window to the anchor point of the second window.
The window must be undock from the world frame before you can move it.

Mouse Bindings definition (in config mode):
You can define the click option on each window which is allowing that. click on Edit bindings
Concerning the focus, modify the click bindings of the target frame, shift + rightclick = Focus

Focus and FocusTarget frames:
These two windows are not opened by default. Open the windows list panel to open them.

Raid frames:
The raid frames use some indicators.
In Config mode, right click on the raid window, and select edit blue set, edit red set, edit yellow set and edit green set.
You will be able to defined the filter set.

Additional windows are available in the WoWRDX package (Open the windows list panel):
- Damage meters
- Threat meters
- Cooldowns used and cooldowns available
- Shaman bar buttons
- Decursive
- Alternate bar (player and target)
- Buff Monitor
- Statistics

Thanks you
RDX manager
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