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Xaxziminrax the Second
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Unconventionally shaped health bar issue

Hi, when experimenting with oUF I came across a healthbar style I like, which is fatter at low health so it's easier to notice. However, when implementing it, I realized that statusbars don't actually shrink or clip... they just slide along their axis.

Please look at this image on full life:

And now, when I am damaged:

The dark health bar is just moving, which makes sense for some layouts, but not for something like this. I had thought, due to some previous discussion, that unconventionally shaped status bars weren't a problem these days.

I'm unsure how to proceed to get the desired effect of just clipping off the end of the bar with the more damage you take.

Here's the current code generating my health bar. Any advice on what to add or change to be able to use this awkwardly-shaped health effectively would be very appreciated.

Lua Code:
  1. local Health = CreateFrame("StatusBar", "hiuiPlayerHealthBar", self)
  3. --[[        Player Health Border (Art)
  4.             Art frame keeping the health bar in check.
  5. --]]
  6. local HealthBorder = Health:CreateTexture("hiuiPlayerHealthArt", "ARTWORK", nil, 1)
  7. HealthBorder:SetTexture(defaults.player.textures.border)
  8. HealthBorder:SetTexCoord(0, 377/512, 0, 60/64)
  9. HealthBorder:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", self, "TOPLEFT")
  10. HealthBorder:SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT", self, "BOTTOMRIGHT")
  14. --[[        Player Health Status Bar
  15.             Dark bar that moves when you take damage.
  16. --]]
  17. Health:SetStatusBarTexture(defaults.player.textures.healthBarStretch)
  18. -- The border art on +1 and the bg on -1, so don't need this.
  19. --Health:GetStatusBarTexture():SetDrawLayer("ARTWORK", 0)
  21. Health:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", HealthBorder, "TOPLEFT", 0, 0)
  22. Health:SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT", HealthBorder, "BOTTOMRIGHT", 0, 0)
  24. Health:SetReverseFill(defaults.player.reverseFill);
  25. Health.frequentUpdates = defaults.player.frequent
  29. --[[        Player Health Bar Background
  30.             Bright background that's revealed as damage is taken.
  31. --]]
  32. local HealthBg = Health:CreateTexture("hiuiPlayerHealthBg", "ARTWORK", nil, -1)
  33. HealthBg:SetTexture(defaults.player.textures.healthBgStretch)
  35. HealthBg:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", HealthBorder, "TOPLEFT", 0, 0)
  36. HealthBg:SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT", HealthBorder, "BOTTOMRIGHT", 0, 0)
  39. self.Health = Health
  42. do -- bad practice, code abuse, programming under the influence
  43.     local function fixInnerElementsPos()
  44.         local l = 29/377 * hiuiPlayerHealthArt:GetWidth()
  45.         local t = 14/60 * hiuiPlayerHealthArt:GetHeight()
  47.         hiuiPlayerHealthBar:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", "hiuiPlayerHealthArt", "TOPLEFT", l, -t)
  48.         hiuiPlayerHealthBar:SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT", "hiuiPlayerHealthArt", "BOTTOMRIGHT", -l, t)
  50.         hiuiPlayerHealthBg:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", "hiuiPlayerHealthArt", "TOPLEFT", l, -t)
  51.         hiuiPlayerHealthBg:SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT", "hiuiPlayerHealthArt", "BOTTOMRIGHT", -l, t)
  52.     end
  54.     C_Timer.After(0.8, fixInnerElementsPos)
  55. end
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A Cliff Giant
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The only real way to do it is by usong a scrollframe. You put two identical textures representing your full bar and the background (the red one). The scrollframe will "cut" the texture above displaying the one behind and give the illusion of a strangely shaped bar.
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What you actually want to do is to create a mask texture that follows the outline of the health bar shape you want and then apply it to the status bar texture of your health bar.

Lua Code:
  1. local mask = Health:CreateMaskTexture()
  2. mask:SetTexture("path\\to\\your\\mask", "CLAMPTOBLACKADDITIVE", "CLAMPTOBLACKADDITIVE")
  3. mask:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", Health, "TOPLEFT", 0, 0)
  4. mask:SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT", Health, "BOTTOMRIGHT", 0, 0)
  6. health:GetStatusBarTexture():AddMaskTexture(mask)

For instance, that's my old odd shaped unitframe (rip "round" layout ):

And here's the mask I used for its health bar:

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