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11-11-12, 07:15 AM   #1
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Looking for a cooldown addon


I'm sorry if this has been asked time and time again, but I can never seem to find what I'm really looking for.

A while back I saw someones UI with a cooldown addon that were like, bars. He/she had an extra, bigger sized bar with icons on, cooldowns for example.

I think this is possible to achieve with dominos or bartender by simply dedicating a bar for this and just higher the scale and drag it to where you want it, but I don't like using either one and I think there's an actual addon that does this.

Does somebody know what addon this is?

Greatly appreciate any help!
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11-11-12, 08:51 AM   #2
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the only cooldown addons ive ever had to use were OmniCC and Natur Enemy Cast Bars.
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11-11-12, 10:21 AM   #3
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I generally track all my CD's, procs, cast warnings, well.... everything really using WeakAuras.
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11-11-12, 10:38 AM   #4
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Something like this maybe?

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11-11-12, 01:21 PM   #5
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Something like CoolLine?

You can also get this with SexyCooldowns (if it still works) and the cooldown module in ForteXorcist.
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For de/buffs and cooldowns:

For cooldowns:
CoolLine - As mentioned.

In actionbars:
OmniCC Or tullaCoolDownCount(tulla is the lightweight version)

I've used each one at least twice and found them quite nice but not matching my needs, perhaps you'll find one that matches yours. Personally, I use tullaCC and Forte due to the light form tullaCC has and the customizable interface of Forte.
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11-11-12, 07:59 PM   #7
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Originally Posted by Seerah View Post
You can also get this with SexyCooldowns (if it still works) and the cooldown module in ForteXorcist.
SexyCooldown works, basically, but its author abandoned it pretty much immediately after releasing it, it is full of bugs that date back years, and it taints things left and right. I would strongly recommend against using it.
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11-12-12, 12:28 AM   #8
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I'll add Crack Cooldown to the list of inline counters. It also tracks how much time until you regen enough energy to use an ability, buffs and debuffs.

But the author is a jerk and won't add a configuration panel so you can't easily change how it looks.
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