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Exclamation a simple question

I do apologize if this is posted in the wrong area.
My question is, what i think to be simple, but cant figure it out.


This pic shows the same UI that i now have. (awesome by the way) In the lower right hand side, in the window, is Omen and Recount split side by side. I cant seem to figure out how to achieve this. I have gone through all the slash commands and I have also toyed around with Omen & recount. I just am so stumped at this point, that I need the solution to resolve my issue. Strictly cosmetic, but I like how it is split. I'm a dps class so I find that to be very useful.

Thank you for your time.
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There is an InforPanel plug-in that you need to download called nUI: Dual Stats. It is in the download area in the nUI: Info Panel Plugins area. Put it in your add-ons subdirectory and nUI will see at and take care of the rest. You can also replace Omen and Recount with Skada (which does the work of both). nUI will recognize Skada and take care of the rest.
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Thank you so much. And for the timely response...
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Just for claritie's sake, you don't need an extra plugin for Skada. nUI will recognize it automatically.

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