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Debuff filtering


1. i'd like to filter debuffs on raidmembers by name/spellid.
2. only one debuff should be shown.
but now there is a problem when the first debuff of a raidmember is hidden, no other debuff will be shown (i.e.: Chill of Throne debuff in icecrown is hidden and no debuff from my whitelist will be shown)

therefore i thought i re-sort the debuffs based on being on my whitelist or not (debuffs on list before debuffs not on list)

local filter = {
  ["Aufgespießt"] = true, -- Impaled (Lord Marrowgar)
  ["Fluch der Starre"] = true, -- Curse of Torpor (Lady Deathwhisper)
  ["Mal des gefallenen Champions"] = true, -- Mark of the Fallen Champion (Deathbringer Saurfang)
  ["Rune des Blutes"] = true, -- Rune of Blood (Deathbringer Saurfang)
  ["Gasspore"] = true, -- Gas Spore (Festergut)
  ["Mutierte Infektion"] = true, -- Mutated Infection (Rotface)
  ["Pakt der Sinistren"] = true, -- Pact of the Darkfallen (Blood-Queen Lana'thel)
  ["Schw\195\164rmende Schatten"] = true, -- Swarming Shadows (Blood-Queen Lana'thel)
  ["Frostleuchtfeuer"] = true, -- Frost Beacon (Sindragosa)
  ["Nekrotische Seuche"] = true, -- Necrotic Plague (Arthas)
  ["Seele ernten"] = true, -- Harvest Soul (Arthas)
  ["K\195\164lte des Thrones"] = true, -- testing
  --["K\195\188rzlich bandagiert"] = true, -- testing
  ["Seltsame Aura"] = true, -- Strange Aura (Zone-Debuff, just for testing)

local CustomAuraFilter = function(icons, unit, icon, name, rank, texture, count, dtype)
  if icon.debuff then
    if  filter[name] then 
	  return true 
but i dont know how to sort debuffs by name

local AuraSort = function(a,b)
  if a.name == filter[name] then

local function preAuraSetPosition(self,debuffs,max)


before filtering
1. Debuff A (not in list but shown)
2. Debuff B (in list and shown)

after filtering (more then 1 debuff shown)
1. Debuff A (not in list not shown)
2. Debuff B (in list and shown)

after filtering (only 1 debuff shown)
1. Debuff A (not in list not shown)
2. Debuff B (in list and not shown (because this debuff is not the 1.))

after re-sorting and filtering (only 1 debuff shown)
1. Debuff B (in list and shown)
2. Debuff A (not in list not shown)

maybe there is a much better solution for that problem. so please help

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