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I've read before, and can possibly go searching, but what are the differences between Ultimate and Home Premium?
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Originally Posted by shkm View Post
I've tried 7 and while it's polished, I still prefer good (?) old XP. Win x64 still has a long way to go with drivers -- at least, I couldn't find sound drivers for 2/3 computers -- and the sound system itself seems to work against you as much as it possibly can. I also always experience a black screen and delay when alt-tabbing from WoW -- even with all the fluff turned off -- which never happens in XP.

Microsoft did well with this one, but it's still hard to find an actual reason to make the switch from XP. Sure, the initial setup is much quicker and again, more polished, but the experience doesn't best XP when it's all configured in my opinion.

Well, that's my two pence anyway .
Is your computer 8 years old or something? They added a lot of drivers support for old stuff so I don't know why yours wouldn't work. Btw if you don't have a graphics card it's not going to give great performance because on-board sucks to begin with. Also the black screen part could be do to you running out of RAM and causing it to run very slowly.
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Originally Posted by Have91 View Post
black screen and delay when alt-tabbing from WoW -- even with all the fluff turned off
That actually sounds like you just have Win7 run at a different resolution from WoW; but have XP set to the same resolution.
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Anything that varies on your Desktop visual settings and inGame settings will cause the Black Flash of OMGness. Also, so far I haven't seen squat for differences in Home Premium or Ultimate... although I have Ultimate and am happy to say I have it, just because I believe in having the best when you do have something at all... but in Vista there were some fairly large differences what with the whole moving backgrounds and extra games, but as of right now, Ultimate doesn't seem to have separated itself just yet.
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Today while browsing some info on Windows 7 I found this:

Windows 7 is available for students for $30
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