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03-22-10, 04:52 PM   #21
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Told you so? You're doing exactly what I suggested was the only way possible. Told YOU so!

Definitely lower resolution, and maybe a /console maxfps 10, to cut down on the stuff the phone's trying to process.
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07-08-10, 04:11 PM   #22
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Originally Posted by haste View Post
No, you can't install WoW on your phone. I don't know of any smartphones that use x86 at least. Some other issues would also be memory capacity and underlying operative system.

The way people usually do it is by streaming a "interactive" video from their computers. This is really the same solution as "cloud gaming" uses.
I'm waiting for this thing.
x86 smartphone, yeah!!
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if it does not have WinMobile or Android it will be garbage. Droid 2 (not to be confused with the droid X) will be coming out eventually with a 1ghz or more processor in it. Currently boasting a snapdragon but considering their is no release date and i see the snapdragon becoming outdated quickly... WHo knows...

Either way though that LG sounds nice but i have had a number of LG phones including a voyager and im sorry but LG has nothing on Motorola in the phone department. HTC is the only thing comparable. Unless we want to get into the foreign market...
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Originally Posted by aliem View Post
This is the only way to try it ... and that because people lagged playing with iphone/droid/anything_else the greather bottleneck is the network and the screen-sharing protocol (it can be very fast just because the software cant record every frame created by the gfx card)

iPhone/iPod Touch -> iPhoneOS, BSD kernel (unix-like)
Android -> Linux (unix-like with some nice optimizations)
others some has Win mobile (it's not like windows) or Symbian (propietary)
You're missing the point.

It has nothing to do with the kernel and everything to do with the architecture. WoW was written for x86. To my knowledge there is no phone with this architecture.
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07-12-10, 09:52 AM   #25
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Originally Posted by Shirik View Post
WoW was written for x86. To my knowledge there is no phone with this architecture.
Could make Intel's plans for an x86 tablet/smartphone processor quite interesting then...
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07-12-10, 08:19 PM   #26
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In my experience, however, Intel is usually weak in the gaming graphics department. Got a netbook that probably has similar specs to what the tablets might have, and 2D gaming is okay, but 3D gaming, even with WoW turned down all the way, is miserable.

Looked at the iPads at a local Best Buy, and I kinda bit my lip when a guy was impressed with the games. They were 2D, and 2D doesn't really impress me. There was *one* 3D game, but it was rather low poly count.

I'd say the iPads, just from playing with them, were on par with my netbook.

The games were fine tuned for the platform - they ran smoothly. But I wouldn't call it a slam dunk better than a comparable netbook.

. . . and I still prefer a physical keyboard, sorry. The keyboard worked okay, and suits the device well, but I wouldn't type much more than a short email with it.

The touch controls seemed to be largely dependent on the application. Some apps made really good use of it, but some apps (I'm looking at you, Diner Dash) were poorly calibrated with the touch pad and didn't work well at all.

Anyways, back to the subject: As much as WoW works fine on platforms that other games don't, I don't think the mobile platforms are up to it yet. Something with nVidia's ION might work, but I wouldn't put any faith into something from Intel or something without dedicated graphics at all.
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