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Problems with UI scale

Hi there,

Just to give a quick bit of background first...

A couple of years ago, I remember finding a forum thread which talked about 1 pixel borders and changing something in the UI console to make them appear flawless. Me being me, I copy/pasted the /console command (I remember if being large) and once entered in-game, the UI did look a bit better. At around the same time, I used Titan Panel to change the UI scale to 0.64.

The problem...

I'm building a UI now and I thought it sensible to change my scale etc back to standard so that I can design certain elements of it without having to worry too much about them appearing massive on another users screen.

To my horror though, when I changed the scale back to 1 using Titan Panel (which really just changes UIParent's scale for you), I found that it was much much bigger than I remember it. I mean, for example, the AuctionFrame takes up literally 1/3 of the screen and having all bags and the AFrame open at the same time leaves no screen space untouched. Is the stock UI at a scale of 1 really that big?

What I've tried doing to sort it...

1. I went into the Advanced System options and clicked on the checkbox that allows you to use Blizz's scale slider, changed it to 1 then pressed 'Accept (but it's still massive)'.

2. I've deleted Config.wtf and reloaded.

3. I went back in to the Advanced System options and unchecked the checkbox mentioned in 1. In the tooltip, it says that unchecking it means that scale will revert to 'default'.

And here's the question!...

Every time I uncheck that checkbox, the UI looks infinitely better. But it doesn't revert UIParent to a setting of 1; UIParent:GetScale() returns a value of 0.73.

So, with me not using the vanilla UI in so many years, could you guys let me know... is the default scale 0.73? Or is something weird still going on here?

Thanks for any help / advice / answers.

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