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05-31-11, 07:08 AM   #1
A Fallenroot Satyr
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Wink path tracker

Hi there
i want to know if there is a addon that marks a line where you are walking, esp when you do a complex instance with many routes.
So the situation is like this...
We are a group of say 25..
bunch of noobs..
You know the path to walk to bypass a lot of mobs, then a couple of new guys come along and just do their thing and we have to kill every mob they pull.
Another situation..
say youre 3 hours into the game, and some dies and decides to release,
to find the way back and not pull again
Now if there was a clear path you were walking , leaving a redline behind for them to walk on, they can end up not pulling and just follow the line back to the fight.

Is there something like that? or do you guys think someone would be interested to make something like that..
Also it can be good for farming stuff like herbs..
Without going every time to he map and look where you have been, you just see the line you walked and know you have already been here.
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05-31-11, 08:08 AM   #2
A Molten Giant
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jeffy162 suggested Carbonite and Gatherer

Although I'm not sure if they also track routes for instances~
There probably are other addons which can also do this
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05-31-11, 01:26 PM   #3
A Flamescale Wyrmkin
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I don't think those will do that.

There should be a way to do this, but off the top of my head, I wouldn't even know what to search for. Or even how to display the information on the screen... Would you just want it to take your grid position on the current map and start drawing a scribble on your map?

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05-31-11, 07:08 PM   #4
A Pyroguard Emberseer
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BreadCrumbs does leave a trail of your path.

BUT it is a personal trail, no one else would be able to see it.
Conceivably there could be a way to extend the addon so that it communicates with itself
and shares the path (as a series of coordinates) of a "leader" to other addon users so that a specific person's path
(fx the party or raid leader) is drawn for other party/raid members on their minimap.

While this is feasible for instances that have maps (all of them at this point?)
I'm not aware of any addon that offers that path-sharing functionality.

In any case it would require everyone that wants to take advantage of it to have the addon installed.
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05-31-11, 10:29 PM   #5
A Fallenroot Satyr
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he he i still think its a great idea lol, prob gonna cause so much lag to keep that info on screen for a period of time. We always used a couple of totems... drop it as we go to keep a path for those who fall behind. Maybe something similar, dropping markers that say last say 30 min. Markers can then maybe be customised for fun purposes, could be maybe direction boards, or lights or glowing poles, or burning sculls like those you get in instances, i dont know, but could be interesting.
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