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Filter on nameplates debuffs.

Hello there !

I'm a long time user of the Blizzard nameplates and i know this can be done by just getting Plater or whatever.

I'm currently working on a small addon who will allow me to show all my debuffs over the ennemy nameplates. Today, with the help of Tomcat (twitch.tv/TomCat), he explained me a lot about it and deep dived for me in the nameplates features.

Right now, the code is looking like this :

Lua Code:
  1. local function UpdateBuffs(self, unit, filter, showAll)
  2.     if (not showAll) then
  3.         self:UpdateBuffs(unit, filter, true)
  4.     end
  5. end
  7. local updateFrame = CreateFrame("FRAME")
  9. local tracker = { }
  11. local minDelay = 1.0
  12. local totalElapsed = 0
  14. local function OnUpdate(self, elapsed)
  15.     totalElapsed = totalElapsed + elapsed
  16.     if (totalElapsed > minDelay) then
  17.         totalElapsed = 0
  18.         for i = 1, 20 do
  19.             if (not tracker[i]) then
  20.                 local nameplate = _G["NamePlate" .. i]
  21.                 if (nameplate and nameplate.UnitFrame and nameplate.UnitFrame.BuffFrame) then
  22.                     tracker[i] = true
  23.                     hooksecurefunc(nameplate.UnitFrame.BuffFrame, "UpdateBuffs", UpdateBuffs)
  24.                 end
  25.             end
  26.         end
  27.     end
  28. end
  30. updateFrame:SetScript("OnUpdate", OnUpdate)

What is does : showing all the debuffs over the nameplates, including your friends warrior debuffs for example.

What i want in the final : showing all my debuffs and only mine, and if it includes also my pet mortal wounds, better but i guess, harder to do.

For this problem, i found many ask how to do that, some solutions who seems to not work nowadays like :


Here are 2 solutions, the first one isnt working and my understanding in lua is not enough to fix it on my own. And the second one who is a whitelisting but removing everything else and also, doesn't work with some things like Sinful Revelation.

The goal is to show like a concussive shots like a debuff over the nameplates. This will help many PvPer who dont wanna jump in a full nameplates addon.

If you have any suggestions, any time to help me, i will be super grateful.
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