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A Deviate Faerie Dragon
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Looking to copy or recreate action bar slots elsewhere on the screen

I'm looking to create a very simple addon just for myself to use that will make a dummy "action bar" anchored to my personal resource display that will show a handful of select action bar buttons exactly as they appear on your hotbar - graying out when you don't have enough power, cooldown text, GCD and charge swipes, glow, etc. I've always used weakauras to do this, however you have to construct every one of those elements yourself with different triggers and conditions and it's a ton of work to account for every possible state and talent combination. It seems like it couldn't be that hard to directly copy the appearance of an action exactly as it appears on the hotbar so I figured I'd look into that instead, I don't think what I'm doing here is really what weakauras is made for anyways.

I've done a bit of simple addon creation before so I know how to do the basics and put frames onscreen and the like, but working with the API is still a bit arcane to me. I dug through the API and couldn't find anything to query the entire hotbar appearance of a given action. A more likely alternative way, is there any way I can just copy the appearance of a hotbar slot pointer-style into a custom frame?

Thanks in advance!
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