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Request: bind type of an item & persistent data

As some others in here, I'm from Europe so I have no way of posting on the US forums (which would be nice, and is a suggestion on its own, btw).

- It would be so nice to have an API function to get the bind type of a given item (bind on equip, bind on pickup, no bind). Parsing the tooltip may be a solution, but crafting formulas can't be accurately parsed since the formula can have no bind type while the crafted item described in it is bound on pickup.

- Also, I was wondering if there was some way that a given set of people to access a shared zone (using a password, or not) storing persistent data with an addon. This would make it possible for addons such as event-management ones to store the registered events without having to synchronize between clients (which can be hard if the addon is not designed for use with a guild or raid, thus forbidding the use os SendAddonMessage).

Thanks !

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Question so do u know how to get GEM? guild event manager

so i was wondering if u knew how to get guild event manager ifso could u like post a descriptive guid on how to get it? thx
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08-03-16, 04:37 PM   #3
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This would be pretty great, it's also the source of a lot of tooltip scanning.

To quote Guill (Which is of course in no way a promise of anything):

Getting the static bind type (i.e. BoP vs. BoE vs BoA) should definitely be possible. Getting the current bind status is a little more difficult
To add, if it's possible to abstract the soulbound check out of the tooltip and make it available, it'd still be a good thing - mods that want to know will still render the whole tooltip, then scan it.

This isn't really a performance issue in many places, but it's pretty bad in some common ones, like sorting in bag addons that use virtual groups instead of bags directly.

Edit: Apparently static bind type will be a return value of GetItemInfo Soon(tm), so that's great!

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