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Show punks again?

Found the culprit! For some reason half of my modules were disabled? Any idea how this could happen? I had to go into my addons and enable and reload and still some are not showing..

Hello! I am getting slightly annoyed with myself. I feel like I should see this option somewhere, but I do not. I had turned off the show punks option on one toon and I have recently began doing some world pvp. Now that I am looking through my options I cannot find where to turn it back on again?!? D: Its driving me crazy! The old guides said to look under Social but there is no 'social tab' anymore, or anything like it that I see. Anyone help?

Thanks, Pashiona.

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There are a couple of ways Right click on the cabonite icon around the map and choose options or hit escape key click interface and then addon tab choose Carbonite then Social & Punks.

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