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07-28-10, 07:36 PM   #1
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Highlight bag items I don't have on auction

I'm looking for an addon that will highlight items in my bags and bank that I do NOT have currently listed in the Auction House. The problem I'm having is the time it takes to drag items to the AH sell window to see if I already have one listed. I'm selling gems and don't want to have more than one of each type listed at the same time but have multiples of each type in my inventory.

Any ideas?

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I'd take a look at QuickAuctions3 aka QA and/or QA3.

It will allow you to setup groups of anything you want, with minimum/maximum numbers to keep at xx price on the AH at any given time. Pair that with it's ability to undercut, have fallback pricing and all sorts of other features, you just can't go wrong.

The one drawback.... There's a slight learning curve involved to get your pricing/stack sizes/durations etc correct for how you want them to be. But well worth the time involved to learn it.

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09-03-10, 05:59 AM   #3
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Auctioneer has support for limiting the amount of items you have up for auction. Depending on whether you are interested in many of its other features, it might be a bit too heavy to use just for that purpose, though.
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I'd say Altoholic or something similar, when I mouseover the item it says how many I have in inventory, on other chars, in bank, on AH and in mail.
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