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Healer issues

My wife is my healer has been since lvl one, we have lvled together running dungeons me as a tank her as my healer now we got up to Cata dungeons and heroics and she is having a bit of trouble healing she was using VuhDoo to heal and after many wipes she said she cant do it anymore, does anyone know of any other healer addons that she can use. she plays as a holy priest but is willing to try disipline, i looked a bit saw the Grid+Clique combo gonna try that out, but was wondering if anyone knew of any good not so known ones.

Please and Thank You! )
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The start (of 85) for a priest is really difficult compared to 1-85.
Regeneration is just too low. As disc its a little easier.
The better your equip gets the easier healing becomes. Buy her some nice epics ... shoes and bracers (397) are cheap on most servers now.

I stick to clique + standard raidframe but this is not really an option since the standard raidframes are buggy as hell so grid is the best choice ... but vuhdo or healbot do exactly the same and partially even better.
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I must agree, I played a holy and disc priest up to 85 and then al the way up to when patch 4.3 was released, and it's hard when you first ding 85. As Rilgamon said, regeneration is a bad joke when you've just dinged and haven't got your hands on some shiny loot yet. And it's not just for priests, all healing classes experience this So keep on fighting, as she gets gear she'll notice it gets easier!

As for addons, I was using Grid as a healer. It's very customizable and I love the corner indicators. It's like small icons on players that you currently have renew, prayer of mendin and shield on Since I haven't tried any other healing addons, Grid2 is the one i'd recommend
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I would also say that it could be regeneration of a newly dinged 85 and not addon.
But as for recomendaions - I use healbot.
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I've tried them all, and Clique is the easiest (for me) to set up and use for healing, and can be used with any unit frames you happen to be using. Clique for click cast healing along with Decursive for cleansing has been the best set up I've found thus far.
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Originally Posted by reflectional View Post
... she was using VuhDoo to heal and after many wipes she said she cant do it anymore ...
You'd probably get much more specific and relevant suggestions if you explained what she doesn't like about the addon she's using, and what features she's looking for that it doesn't provide. Otherwise, we can suggest different addons, combinations of addons, settings, and strategies all day, but 99% of them will be irrelevant and a waste of your time.
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