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Yield xp/honor

Are there any API calls that can tell you if the killed target yielded xp/honor? Also, is there anyway to check if you have the 'tag' on a target you kill?

Currently the only way I can think of doing it is checking the targets level. In the case of honor checking level and if guid includes player.
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There is : UnitIsTapDenied(..)
I would assume you pass the unit in question and it will return whether it has been tapped, or maybe tap info as to why it is denied. But I could see nothing else that appear to work after it is tapped.

The honor/xp values you may have to go via the Combat Log event tracking. But you could use UnitIsTrivial(unit) to check if you will get something however little.
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Regarding gaining xp couldnt you do:


local function calculate(event, isInitialLogin, isReloadingUi)
	if event == "PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD" and (isInitialLogin or isReloadingUi) then
		maxxp = UnitXPMax("player")
		currentxp = UnitXP("player")
		newxp = UnitXP("player")
		if event == "PLAYER_LEVEL_UP" then
			gained = maxxp - currentxp + newxp
			maxxp = UnitXPMax("player")
			gained = newxp - currentxp

		currentxp = newxp

local f = CreateFrame("FRAME")
	function(self, event, isInitialLogin, isReloadingUi)
		calculate(event, isInitialLogin, isReloadingUi)

something similar but due to blizzards honor calculation a little bit more complicated for honor aswell...
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