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Question is there an addon that will....

(I hope this is the correct forum)


Is there an Addon that if i am on my Flying mount and lets say I am in Shatt ( YES Shatt still Exists ) and I want to go to like a Nagrand and coords xx,xx It will auto pilot fly me there while I go do something else? Like get a drink.

Yes I know I could take the Blizzard Flight path to Nagrand. But still, I was wondering.... I suppose it would have to be smart enough to not run me into buildings or trees or mountains, ect...


Just wondering about an auto pilot 3rd party addon.
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not possible
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There is no addon that will do it.
There are programs that will.
They are against the blizzard rules, as well as our site rules to talk about.
Basically any program of this nature will get your account banned.

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You could try something like MapRuler or TomTom. At least that way you know you're flying in the right direction
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It would be possible for an addon to know the correct vector and height to take a proper ballistic course. And it could set a timed alarm or proximity alert to alert you that you've arrived.

But it cannot stop you - well, without killing you - and cannot change your direction.

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The client has no access to the Z-axis, so height determinations aren't possible either.
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best you could probably do, is get a mod like TomTom, set the waypoint of were you wanna go flight up high and hit NumLock and check back every few seconds.
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TomTom can alert you if you have reached your location with a sound.
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