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Hello WoW Community!

Hi my name is Endless and I am a 18 Year old who is happy to be apart of the WoW Community and the game but no, I am no Veteran player and I was not apart of classic old WoW but listening and watching many videos on the game I decided to go on and purchase the game. I am also very excited for WoW Classic but I decided to make a post because I love this game and it would mean so much to me for anyone to help me with learning how to properly play WoW just like any other experienced WoW player would. I would love to learn about loot items and what items are good /bad and any items that are the best/worst. I know there might be people wondering why I am posting this in 2019 and why I am so interested in learning a lot more about this game. Now, since I never played the classic WoW back then so I can't fully say which version of the game I like most but I would imagine that classic would be the version I would enjoy and I am very excited for WoW Classic not just for the game but to experience playing with other people and the fun in questing/raiding/leveling everything that there is to learn about and do in this game, I would love to experience it all with people and if I can find anyone who would be nice enough and willing to help me become the player I wish to become in this game, it would mean a lot. I know I am a new player and I don't know a lot about this game so yes, I am a big noob when it comes to a lot of stuff in this game. I want to be ready for WoW classic and would to be apart of a guild and raids!

Note: I am a nice person and will be down to talk on discord! just let me know if anyone would be willing to help a new player out! I am not a bad skilled player, I am very competitive and take gaming very serious depending on how much deep I get into a game. I would like for WoW to be my main game and be ready for classic. Thank you to anyone who will be down to help me progress and learn what I must to become better!

My characters:

Warlock: Currently level 30+ (The main I have been questing/leveling on! any tips for playing as a warlock would be nice since I am still learning or might be doing things wrong.)

Rogue: Used level 110 boost (I know I prob shouldn't of used this but would like to learn how to use this character if anyone is willing to help me with that!)

Thank you for anyone who leaves any tips for me to look at! If anyone would like to add me on Discord or WoW my usernames are below!

Discord --> Endless #6412
WoW Main Character --> Endlesswar (My level 30+ Warlock)
WoW 110 Character --> Endlessrun (Boosted Rogue, I have no idea what to do with this so any help would be nice on this character

Have a great day everyone!
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