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09-04-12, 11:04 AM   #241
A Defias Bandit
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I have only been in cities while testing the map. And nothing is transparent as it should be. Dalaran to be precice.

Can you tell any place that _should_ be able to get transparent so I can check if that works for me?

I am talking about any of the Carbonite maps though.

Logging in now to test other zones and see if that works.

Edit: To make things more clear, the map gets transparent itself, but not to the actual view. It's like the gamma of the map is changed, but not really getting any transparent. It just totally ignores to get transparent. That's all what happens.

Also was outside of Dalaran, in Storm Peaks, same issue.

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09-04-12, 11:20 AM   #242
A Kobold Labourer
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thank you et merci

i'm french and i find a wonderful addon: his name carbonite; with mop and without carbonite i'm totally lost. So you have made a wondeful jog, so continue!!
09-04-12, 11:22 AM   #243
A Firelord
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Rythal, there's a problem with your having added the files into a Folder named Carbonite. Extracting that, adds a redundant "Carbonite" folder into the existing "Carbonite" folder.

Edited: You may also want to change your Fan Update webpage instructions. Currently, it still says:
"Inside the zip is just the main carbonite.lua & .toc, replace your current one with it". It doesn't mention the Folder you've added to the zip file which contains the .lua and .toc files.

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09-04-12, 11:40 AM   #244
A Firelord
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Originally Posted by skmzarn View Post
Edit: To make things more clear, the map gets transparent itself, but not to the actual view. It's like the gamma of the map is changed, but not really getting any transparent. It just totally ignores to get transparent. That's all what happens.
skmzarn, that's what I was trying to say. You actually did make it more clear. Thanks!
09-04-12, 12:35 PM   #245
A Fallenroot Satyr
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Originally Posted by Rythal View Post
5.04.06 Is now uploaded!

Whats new:
- Chinese & Italian translations, Chinese is only partially translated but does work
- MOP BETA: Pandaria maps should be working 100% on all 3 levels.

If anyone has beta access please test this release! I only have 85's transferred so couldn't fly to test every zone. I did a test by running from jade forest to stormstout brewery (entered it to test instances) in valley of four winds then down to krasarang wilds, and everything appeared fine to me but definately need others to try it.

I will say blizzards quest POI's really do stink badly :/ but it does use them in pandaria until we get better ones.

As of this release i'm including the folder Carbonite, then the 3 files inside that folder since 90% of the trouble people are having is putting the files in the wrong folder.
My site is now updated to the latest version. Sadly I don't have the beta so I'm unable to test it.
09-04-12, 02:14 PM   #246
An Aku'mai Servant
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Originally Posted by Rythal View Post
Those addons are great, but they don't replace the 3 key features I use from carbonite personally.... Regular zoomable map... PVP Maps... Warehouse info on tooltips (absolutely love when someone needs something I just have them link it to me and I can tell how many I have and where.) I tried altoholic to replace warehouse, and just found it to much for just one little thing needed.
Ahh. You see, I used Carbonite for different features. The Quest Tracking (which I prefer to Blizzard's default), the gathering locations/routes (the way you could set waypoints etc. Shame it's been broken for a while). I also admit I did love the map. The problem I always had without however is it wouldn't work in instances and I'd often find myself falling way behind the group or going the wrong way cause I had no idea where they were. Also the "guide" feature was incredibly broken and would never direct you to the nearest profession/class trainer and would instead guide you to the one in your capital. I should also note that if you're an undead levelling in Tirisfal the "Guide" would still tell you to go to Orgrimmar. It's the fact that these features were broken while Carbonite was still officially supported that scares me from trying out your fan update.

I appreciate you being decent regarding my criticism however. Nice to know all feedback is welcome.
09-04-12, 03:15 PM   #247
A Murloc Raider
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Thumbs up Thank you Rythal!!!!

Thank you Rythal!!!!! I have been lost without my Carboniteaddon. So much that I really haven't wanted to play. So again a big thank you!!!!! You are the man in my book!!!
09-04-12, 04:11 PM   #248
A Cyclonian
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Darkmoon Faire

This is pretty minor but figured I'd mention it. The Darkmoon Faire map doesn't show up at all. Everything else seems to be working from what I've tried. Thanks for the fixes Rythal, it is much appreciated.
09-04-12, 04:19 PM   #249
A Murloc Raider
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Who knows if the Authors are still playing the game or are even interested; I would hope so, but I'm not holding my breath.

Since you only "donate" to Carbonite developers, you aren't paying for a program, service, etc. What you are doing it providing them with money to host their website and provide a platform from which they can present their work. If they get more than what's necessary to support their site, so be it. At least they don't inundate me with advertisements, links, etc. I've given to them at least once, if not twice, and will again if it helps them continue to provide this program--it's the bomb!

Most of the addons are offered and protected under the GPL licensing system; as such, they are public domain, open for modification, hacking (not cracking!), etc. to improve the program. Hence, we have this very nice user-modified version. I haven't looked at the internals of Carbonite yet, but if they follow the rest WoW addon developer mentality then this addon is also protected under the GPL. After all, you can't sell addons for profit due to Blizzard's rules so it would be counter-intuitive to patent this game or protect it under some obscure copyright protection.

Finally, regarding your last point, and the first part of this reply, it would be nice if the Carbonite developers would open up and let us know what they are up to. At the very least, it would put a lot of rumors to rest one way or another.


Originally Posted by scorpionjs View Post
What do we need to do to get a 1 minute post from the authors of this add-on? Sure, they are busy, just like I am, but the information they need to provide is very simple: 1. Yes, we are working on an update. 2. No, we are not working on an update. 3. We are still deciding whether or not we will be able to support this add-on.

Many of us pay for Curse premium and are thus paying at least something for these add-ons. I believe that's worth at least one minute of their time to make an announcement.

If this add-on has copyright laws and the author doesn't wish to relinquish control over to anyone, that also needs to be announced before good samaritans find themselves entangled in legal issues.

I really like the Carbonite add-on for the google earth style maps and the quest handling. Few addons are as accurate with the quest arrows, the main competitor for my taste is wow-pro which is also currently broken. The blizz tracker and map is still not up to snuff.

So, in the end, I would like to see the original authors update this addon, or relinquish the controls to a team with time. What I think I deserve as a paying customer is at least a minute's worth of time to make a formal statement. I don't believe that's asking too much of anyone.
09-04-12, 04:23 PM   #250
A Murloc Raider
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Main Map Transparency Not Working

If you move the mouse cursor off the main map, it no longer goes back/to transparent as it used to.

I know I've seen this subject mentioned, but one more echo won't hurt. I can always kill the map, but I normally leave it up except in instances.

BTW, thanks for the changes, I only wish i knew programming as well as I know IP addressing, networks, etc. Then I could help out.

Maybe one day...
09-04-12, 04:35 PM   #251
A Murloc Raider
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Well, I should thank you too for all your work on updating carbonite!

Personally, I use bagsync addon instead of warehouse because it keeps records on void storage aswell.
Other than that, I love carbonite map and when in dungeon (since its kinda broken) I often use original normal map and minimap (you can set keybinds for these in keybinds menu so it helps a lot!---just pressing keybinds toggling the maps asap no reload needed). As far as battlegrounds concerned I use REporter addon now.

So, conclusively, I would say I need carbonite for world maps [and dungeon if you can fix that!] (seeing POIS and friends on it, zooming in out), quests and tomtom feature, so thanks again for working hard on it!
09-04-12, 05:04 PM   #252
An Aku'mai Servant
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I'm not sure if this is what people are referring to by "transparency," but here's the only issue I've seen thus far. I have my minimap layered over the square carbonite map. When I'm inside Stormwind, both my map and the layered minimap show not the normal detailed minimap info, but the generic "world map view" of the city. If I zoom in or out far enough that the minimap docks, then the docked minimap shows the brightly colored detail view.

Similarly, if I enter a building in SW, the layered minimap turns into a solid black circle. If I select the "minimap docks in indoor areas," then the docked minimap correctly shows the map of the building I'm in, while the main map continues to show the generic "world map" coloration/view of SW.

If I go out to Goldshire, the regular map and minimap both show the detailed "Google Maps" type view, and when I go inside a building, the maximized minimap correctly shows the interior of that building.
09-04-12, 06:24 PM   #253
A Kobold Labourer
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Thumbs up Thank you!

I joined just to say thank you for putting this together. Sure hope the Carbonite folks continue with this project. Bless you for providing this for us!

09-04-12, 06:46 PM   #254
A Theradrim Guardian
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Odd Map flashing

Weird Map bug... When I have the Minimap or Full sized map up and I mouse over a zone that I am NOT in, the zone I'm and the zone I'm mouseing over both flash repeatedly until I move my mouse to a non zone spot or move it back to the zone I'm in. I've tried turning off tracking of all varieties, disabling other addons etc & the flashy thingy continues.
The only thing regarding my Carbonite useage that differs is I do NOT have my minimap merged with Blizzards as I use them both.

I do have the Minimap Herb/Ore glow delay turned off in Map Minimap section of Carbonite Options, because of the Flashing Node Icons problem. So I don't think this is connected with that.

Any ideas?
09-04-12, 08:45 PM   #255
A Defias Bandit
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Bug with mini map

When u try to look at a zone with the "MiniMap' WIth carbon it wont let u mouse over a area unless u are inthat zone it stays blank. Also noticed when i take the minimap out of carbonite on my mini map My Arrow flashes ANd bugs out....One other thing i noticed it does not highlight ores when fly over them when u have mini map for gathering it dont light up on my map( and i have eveyrthing checked Be useing since Bc) Btw thanks for the great addon Regards.
09-04-12, 09:48 PM   #256
Featured Artist
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- Brazilian Portuguese support added thanks to user submission.
- Molton front is fixed, and I tossed in a google map zoom for it!
- Darkmoon Fair is now added.
- Transparency I missed before should be fixed now (I hope... I pray... lol)

Known Bugs: Darkmoon quests are untrackable, not sure why but they don't appear associated with darkmoon zone.

And I want to note while i might not be commenting on a lot of bugs you guys are posting I am keeping note of them, the problem is this new 5.0.4 patch is really, really buggy I'm not sure i've ever seen something this bad put out by blizzard.. so until they fix it I can't be 100% sure what is carbonites fault or not.. like for example, the report earlier about accepting quests, then you can't accept more unless you relog... I spent an hour trying to reproduce that bug so I could fix it... only to find out from a guildmate they had the same problem but they don't use carbonite.
09-05-12, 01:40 AM   #257
A Defias Bandit
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I can confirm the transparency now works! Amazing, thanks!
09-05-12, 03:02 AM   #258
A Kobold Labourer
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Thanks for this! One thing, when i complete a quest I get 2 confirmations. one in the voice that i choose and then the peon chimes in later "work complete!" if i turn off quest sounds, the peon is still there.
09-05-12, 05:22 AM   #259
A Defias Bandit
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Hi just wanted to say thanks for taking time out of your days to do this update....with that being said i was wondering if there was a way to fix a problem with my carbonite minimap when i am in orgrimmar or any city for that matter i get this problem Click image for larger version

Name:	WoWScrnShot_090512_070708.jpg
Views:	327
Size:	800.2 KB
ID:	7148 any help would be great thanks in advance
09-05-12, 07:16 AM   #260
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
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update 50407 map zones not showing

as of the 50407 update i am unable to hover over other zones and have them show i can zoom in but i do not get any POI nods at all for the zone if i go to the dark moon fair it works but as soon as i leave it dos not work and thank you again for all the work you have done

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