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12-01-12, 12:44 PM   #11
A Flamescale Wyrmkin
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Does anyone know what's happening with omnicc? It isn't working for me. The textures for my death knight's UI panels, and reputation screen are WoW's default textures. Along with achievement and auction houses and such. However on my other toons, its ok. Anyone know what's up?

This is the error for omnicc. Im also getting an aurora error.

37x OmniCC-5.1.1\settings\settings-Settings.lua:103: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value
OmniCC-5.1.1\settings\settings-Settings.lua:103: in function "GetVersionID"
OmniCC-5.1.1\settings\settings-Settings.lua:31: in function "UpgradeSettings"
OmniCC-5.1.1\settings\settings-Settings.lua:25: in function "StartupSettings"
OmniCC-5.1.1\main.lua:23: in function "?"
OmniCC-5.1.1\main.lua:15: in function <OmniCC\main.lua:14>

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