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Help with annoyances

There are a few annoyances that are about to drive me away from using nUI which I have used for a long time. Before that happens I've decided to post here to see if something can be done or if there a chance for an updated version reasonably soon.

1 - On the right side info panel, any changes I make to the combat log revert to default. I no longer even want to have my combat log displayed full time and would rather it display information (ie. exp, rep, currency, etc). I've tried a couple of the addons (whisper, etc) and they also revert to default.

2 - I like the console on mouseover, but it has a tendency to bounce up and down multiple times for unknown reasons even when I dont mouseover it. I havent been able to really pinpoint what actions cause this.

3 - The bottom area seems to have gotten to big for my tastes. I remember reading a post a long time ago that this would be scalable in nUI6 (at least I think I read that). The standard Blizzard UI scale slider doesnt really reduce it that much.

Are there simple fixes to the first two problems? I understand that the third thing I listed is not something that will change with nUI5.

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