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Chat: Class Coloring

One of my biggest, missed features of PRAT is that classes were colored in chat, and also had their level beside them. I often used this to easily differentiate people when talking in guild or trade. It's a nice, clean addition and would likely be a welcomed feature (and probably not that hard to implement, either). Please consider adding this in the future!
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I may be remembering incorrectly, but didn't Blizz add coloring by class to the chat frames in 4.0? You might check the chat frame settings or interface settings... I could have sworn I saw an option there for that.

PS: nUI is compatible with Prat.

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Yes and yes to everything Scott just said. Blizz did add this in, and I am currently using Prat and everything is just hunkydory.
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hmm, read the bug that PRAT was causing issues so I didn't install it. =)
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Well in the past there was some errors between Prat and nUI but as there are outside so many people using Prat, WIM and Chatmopd so that Scott make an integration for all that 3 Chatmods and they are working greatly. I using Prat myself with nUI5+. No Problems, also with the nUI_Plugin_Chat for an extra Chat on the right side.

So you really can use it. Ofcourse if you want to use an Addon try it out. If your nUI installations is gone correctly there are mostly no Problems if you see some problems with the new addon and uninstall it.

If you want to get more safe:
Safe (Copy it somewhere outside the WoW folders) your WTF folder inside the WoW user folder or inside your WoW folder (depends on your OS and installation place)
Install the new Addon, see what happens. Then decide to post a Bug report or uninstall the other Addon.
After the Uninstall:
Then rename the WTF Folder (e.q. "WTF Addon Test") and copy your saved WTF folder inside the WoW folder. Then start WoW and your settings should be back. If you you do something wrong
Everything well again, can delete the renamed WTF folder.
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