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A Defias Bandit
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Large HUD option


The large HUD option doesn't seem to be working for me. I'm running the game at a very high resolution and downsampling it to my native resolution, so the HUD gets very small. I switch on the large HUD option but didn't see any difference in the HUD scale. Is there something else I need to do, or did I miss something?
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RealUI Developer
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RealUI a very pixel dependant UI, so if WoW thinks you are running at say 4K resolution the UI will be very small relative to the screen.

Type /realadv -> RealUI Core then check Retina Display and see if that helps. The only other way around this is to either run the game at a lower res or change the textures.

PS. What benefit is there to running at higher than native, then scaling down? Why not just run directly to native res?
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A Defias Bandit
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Alright, I'll give it a try in a bit when I can get back in game.

As to why, it purported gives a cleaner, sharper image. Here's an interesting thread about it at Neogaf. I just got a new video card that is capable of it, so I wanted to give it a test drive and see for myself. So far, the actual game does in fact look very nice with the effects, but the UI definitely seems to struggle with the very high resolution.

Thanks for the response. I've been using RealUI for most of Cataclysm and all of MoP, and I really love it over managing a bunch of addons myself. Thanks for the work you guys do.
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