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Prediction - Need help building specs.

Hi all. I've recently updated my addon Prediction to BfA Beta, and moved hosting to WoWInterface (http://www.wowinterface.com/download...rediction.html). It is currently feature-complete, and I'm looking to move onto developing some simple default priority lists for different classes. I'm looking for people who a) know their classes, b) have some logical nous, and c) are willing to help with this!

The aim of the addon was to make it simple for people to update/edit rules related to dps priorities, in the face of changing talent trees/spell lists on the Beta. The only information hard-coded currently is which spells have hasted cooldowns - everything else is customizable through a simple tabbed UI - even Energy regeneration! Having said that, whilst the UI may be simple for a programmer, the state machine associated with generating a prediction can sometimes .. not be, and it takes a bit of nous to figure out where in the cycle certain aspects of the state should be updated.

If you'd like to help, feel free to let me know here, or shoot me a PM so I can give you my BTag info - I have a tendency to switch chars a lot while testing.

The last feature added to Prediction was the ability to export and import Rulesets, which makes it easy to share your configuration with other people (e.g. post on this forum!), and I'm really hoping to leverage that against this forum to improve the addon.

Cheers =D

Update: Some spells are not tracked automatically - this is due to the API call IsSpellKnown erroneously returning false. To get around that, for the time being I've added a table of spells known to be affected by this - but I don't know what they all are! So if you find a spell not tracked, this could be the issue, and if you let me know what the spell is (class/spec/spell) I can add it into the table.

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