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Looking for screenshots

Just wanted to see if anybody has some nice shots they would like to share.

---- From my blog (http://www.beyondeight.com/WoWUI/?p=26)---

If any of you has ever visited any other part of my site other then the User Interface section, you would have realized that the "Images" link leads to an empty page. I am planning on changing this. I just created a new Gmail account in which people can send me screenshots from World of Warcraft. I want to compile a bunch of screenshots that are interesting, clean and enjoyable and share them with our community.

So heres is what I am looking for:
* User Interface: I am looking for a few screenshots of User Interfaces that you have found to be a really interesting concept. If it has different functions, feel free to send more then one. And if there is a site or a website for the UI, please inform me of the link so I can give credit where its due.

* Sights and… more sights: Everyone wants to be a photographer… well I think so at least. So go around the world and take as many beautiful and elegant shots you can. If you see something cool, try taking screenshots of it in different angles. Be sure to let us know where you took it, if you remember. I would prefer these shots to be clean (No UI or words on the screen) and without your charachter in them.

* The obsurd: If you see something out of the ordinary take a screenshot and send it over. This could be anything (ie. 10 orcs making a pyramid). I know there are lots of interesting or rare things that go around this Warcraft world of ours. Why not capture it and share with us.

* Too Funny: If you have a funny screenshot you want to share, send them over. Even if its a conversation you caught or were a part of. If it is not obvious on the screenshot, please tell me what you think is funny.

Those are the categories I can think of for now. I will add more as people send me images (if they do). I just want to warn everyone that I plan on being very picky with which screenshots I accept, especially in the first two categories. I know there are lots of sites out there where people can post images, but I just hate browsing through all of them to find half of them are just… ugly. So please try to send decent images.

If you have a submission, please send them to Klonkers [at] Gmail.com (In the subject please put the name of the category you would like it to be filed in). I will try to check them on a daily basis, if you send me one, feel free to leave a comment so that I am aware. If no one wants to send me any screenshots, then thats fine.

If you have any other ideas on categories, please let me know.

Link to my UI in the box to the right
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