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Tooltip and Constants

I'm seeing a very strange issue with tooltip location and it doesn't seem to be an addon that's doing it.

In FrameXML/ContainerFrame.lua are the following lines:
Lua Code:
  3. CONTAINER_SCALE = 0.75;

In FrameXML/GameTooltip.lua is the following:
Lua Code:
  1. function GameTooltip_SetDefaultAnchor(tooltip, parent)
  2.     tooltip:SetOwner(parent, "ANCHOR_NONE");
  4.     tooltip.default = 1;
  5. end

This should position the tooltip point at -13, 70...but it never seems to be.

This is where it gets weird.

If I dump these constants, they aren't 0 and 70 respectively. In fact they are different for different characters (with some duplicates that seem to be isolated to server but I have low confidence that means anything). They are always near that area but a difference of 30pixels is still odd since it shouldn't change at all.

I've checked every addon and library and none change this constant -- this happens in the base UI with no addons.

I thought I'd just set them back to the defaults and be done with it but they change at least twice during load, so change after the end of my :OnEnable() function. I got cleaver and delayed resetting them for 2 seconds and that seemed to work but within a minute they were changed again.

This behavior also happens in the base UI, setting and dumping the not-quite-constants via /script and /dump commands.

I'm wondering if there is something, maybe at the C level, that can modify those under some condition or other, or some scaling thing that affects them (I didn't find any in the Lua but maybe I missed it).

This is only a problem in one tiny area of my UI and it's easily worked-around by resetting the constants back to default before I do what I need to do so this is more informational than anything.
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