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Help this doesnt make sence...

Ok heres the deal a lil background 1st. My hard drive crashed yesterday had to reload everything, that's all done have my drivers for everything got wow all up today but 1 thing that I can't figure out that is happening is this, my mouse wheel down is not working..

More background on what I have done and why I would like this to work and can't figure out why it won't work when it has worked for years before.. Ok so I have an attack keybinded to my mouse wheel up/down and middle button, the wheel up and middle mouse button work fine but the weel down does not.

Now I am sure your thinking go in and remap ur keybindings it just dropped off... Well did that nothing, I even changed the bar in which I had the wheel down mapped to once again nothing.. Next your thinking well your wheel down button is broken and not working but guess what? I used it in the wow keybinding area to get down to the wheel down assignement key part (I also went to the AH and use the wheel down key to scroll through the pages in the AH) and it worked there. So the game see's the mouse wheel b/c the up wheel and middle button press work fine and if i move that spell to the wheel up the spell will go off when I used the wheel up function. Also if i just click the icon that I have attached to the keybind the spell attack works just fine.

Help I know it's got to be something stupid but I can't for the life of me think of what it is.

Help retard stuck at a keyboard.
Windows 7
Razor Mamba mouse
wow 4.2a

PS the wheel up down work here in this text pannel to scroll through what I have written.

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