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Question on addon loading

I am trying to get an addon to put something next to the nUI lat\micromenu\fps on the console. If I use SetPoint("RIGHT", nUI_MicroMenu, "LEFT", 0, 0) I do not get anything displayed. If I use SetPoint("TOPRIGHT", UIParent, "TOPRIGHT", -5, -2) it displays fine in the upper right hand corner.
I am trying to get Cargoship to put its LDBs next to the micromenu in the middle. I know I could change x.
Do the addons get processed in a-z order?
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The solution to that is to create an event handler for "VARIABLES_LOADED" (or similar event), and run the code then.

local f = CreateFrame("frame")

function f.event()
   --your code here

f:SetScript("OnEvent", f.event)
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Because of how the layout engine in nUI works, it doesn't load the layout definition until the "VARIABLES_LOADED" event fires and does not create the layout until the "PLAYER_LOGIN" event fires. If you want to create an enhancement to nUI that depends on those elements being present to anchor to, then you should wait until the "PLAYER_LOGIN" or "PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD" event.

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