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Prospecting/Milling Macro

Here is a macro that when you spam it will prospect / mill everything in your bags. You need to be standing by a vendor or bank when you do it as you might have to switch out stacks that are less than 5.

I'm going to post this in a seperate thread but here's what I use :

1) Make a macro :

/cast Prospecting
/use <name of ore>

2) Make sure you put a /use statement for every kind of ore you prospect. It's not that hard you just have the macro open for editing , type "/use" -esc- then shift click the ore from your bags.

3) Put this on a free action bar button
4) For efficiency assign it a keybinding
5) Open up a bank or vendor
6) Click that keybinding / macro on action bar button
7) If it complains about not having enough of X then bank your incomplete stack (less than 5) or sell it to the vendor.
8) if you do sell incomplete stacks to a vendor remember to buy those herbs/ore back !

Note this macro will only work for stacks of 5 . This why you stand by a vendor or a bank - so you can clear your bag of that incomplete stack.

My friends and I have found this a great time saver - we've found it much easier to repeatedly click a key then anything else. Freeing us to do other things in the mean time (like watch TV or read a book while doing it )

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Also if you don't want to have to turn on auto-loot for this, you can use http://www.wowinterface.com/download...TBArtisan.html which takes care of it for you
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