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01-03-10, 04:21 PM   #121
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I picked a Dwarf Hunter because... Well, it's a dwarf, who doesn't love dwarfs? Aye?
And my class, Hunter, I chose because I love animals, have always done, and I'm afraid of the dark, a little. So being alone in the dark ain't no problem nowadays!
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02-17-10, 09:23 PM   #122
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Hmm, lets see here...

My first ever character was a gnome rogue, I got her to level 60 a month or 2 before BC launched. I loved pvping with her, never raided much. Alliance started to become boring for me. I'm a lore nerd, and the horde has much better lore imo.

A week before BC launched I made a bold decision to reroll horde. I chose an undead warlock. Undead because Sylvanas is <3 and warlock because I liked the idea of having little demons to do my biding. She was level 70 and pvping/raiding all the way up until Wrath.

I ended up deleting my beloved toons and quit for a very long time.
But, I came back and became totally addicted to the Blood Elf race. Because I'm a girl and I like pretty foo-foo things.

Had a blood elf rogue named Epiphany and then a paladin who is my only 80, who I have been neglecting for my priest that I'm currently leveling.

Well, TL;DR.

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02-17-10, 10:12 PM   #123
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Oh jeez... Not even sure where to start. I guess with my 80s.

Night Elf Hunter: I looked at all of the other Alliance races that could be hunters and none of them jumped out at me. Besides, the shooting animation is cool... And cats, man. Cats. Night Elf hunter with white hair + white cat mount + purpleish-white cat? Yeah...

Human Pally: Had this guy for awhile. First Alliance pally I had. Only race I liked that could be pallys (granted there were only two at the time). And humans just look bad-ass...

Human DK: ...I liked the idea. Again, humans are bad-ass. It also just made the most sense to have a human death knight, especially since I was a human pally earlier. I made them exactly alike, too. Just slightly different names.

Night Elf warrior: Before you say it, no, Swifty had nothing to do with it. Sort of like the hunter, I just really liked the animation. And free stealth. ...And being able to dance like MJ.

Buh... Who else... I had a whole bunch of blood elves - pally, rogue, mage, priest, hunter, and warlock. I just had an obsession with blood elves after they first came out. I've had a whole bunch of night elf druids and tauren druids as well. None of them got all that high. I just lost interest or was too busy. Never had an interest in trolls or orcs... Highest I got either of those races, regardless of class, was just a couple of levels. At most, 16.

Good lord, that's a lot of text.
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02-17-10, 10:37 PM   #124
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
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Old School RPG

It cracks me up when people chose a race based on racial bonus. What about picking something that just feels good? I mean, it's a game. Shouldn't it be fun and enjoyable?

So I like the sort of misunderstood/bad guys so I went Undead. The first time I heard their intro I was hooked. My only 80 is a Rogue, because I like to pick my battles. I'm an evil bastard sometimes, so being an Undead Rogue is even more fitting.
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02-18-10, 12:51 PM   #125
A Cliff Giant
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well, an undead is not so bad chose.
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07-28-10, 03:50 PM   #126
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fem. human rogue...

cause the ass fits to mine

and rogue ...mh cause i am sneaky,too

...now the truth:

play rogue cause i saw the first PvP video from Shurrik.

i was totally blown away.

and human because all my friends play ally, so dwarf ..:/ no and nightelf i dont like cause the race ability sucks in my opinion
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07-28-10, 04:14 PM   #127
Proceritate Corporis
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I picked Paladin because of good memories to the class in Diablo 2 (fanatism aura + zeal + grief phase blade = lollerskates). Later on in vanilla I discovered I really liked healing. My first experience with healing was in deadmines and I have been loving it since then :P Why I picked the human race? Because I don't want to escape from reality too much, and the reputation boost is a godsend (yes, that is double-barreled).

I picked a hunter because I also had a Bowazon in D2, and they were neigh unbeatable if played properly.
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08-10-10, 11:39 AM   #128
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eeny meeny miney mo...
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10-30-10, 10:02 PM   #129
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Well, I picked a paladin because I joined in early vanilla and the paladin was a basic seal>judge>seal>autoattack. (at the time, judging a seal removed it, so you had to reapply) Now this choice wasn't because it was easy, but because my internet connection was flaky at best and the paladin had the best chance of surviving a disconnect.

As for human, well, after the choice of the paladin, I liked the look of the human female the best, and went with that.
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11-01-10, 02:13 AM   #130
A Chromatic Dragonspawn
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In Classic I play Human Warlock because I liked the demoic stuff.
When I got fed up with Naxx & the allaince player base I moved to Horde

Played a Orc Hunter because I love the lore, and a Hunter because you could do stuff not that much other classes could do. Played him in Classic and BC. Had a twink Tauren Deff warrior & Feral Druid.

after the start off Wotlk My hunter got a make over and ended up as a dranei. and made me a new alt Druid.

With the upcomming expansions I will make a new Worgen Druid, why worgen because they look good, and I don't want to play may Hunter anymore. and N11 is no option. (since I have on off them)
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11-01-10, 03:53 AM   #131
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Originally Posted by Amaru View Post
I've head some weird answerers to this and want to know some of yours.

Me. I chose a Human Pally. Why? Because humans look better than a Dwarf. I cose a pally because I saw some awesome videos with them and the look cool.
Well I've gone through many toons over the years.. But the one I've enjoyed most would have to be my Hunter.

And to answer your question.. I chose Hunter because of Bigredkitty.. And I've just always liked Dwarves.

Edit: After all, you can't trust those Blasted Elves. :P
Edit: Choose>Chose

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06-16-11, 04:02 PM   #132
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My first was a Tauren Shammy. I can't think of another mmo off the top of my head that lets you be a cow. Plus /moo was awesome.

Second was an Orc Lock because it seemed fitting given the lore.

Race changed em both to Goblins recently though. Love Goblins.
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06-16-11, 04:43 PM   #133
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Shadowmeld + Flight Form = PvP win in World situations and against gankers if I am fishing or what not Why else do you think so many Druids are Night Elves? :P
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12-22-11, 12:30 PM   #134
A Defias Bandit
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Smile What is the race of my first toon.

When I first started to think about playing WOW I didn't really know what role I wanted to play, so I picked Druid. My husband was already playing alliance, so Night Elf was my only choice. I love her, and she is still my favorite toon to play.
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12-22-11, 01:07 PM   #135
An Aku'mai Servant
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I used to hate pallys. Then I was tanking on my warrior early Cata and I had a pally healer... And I made one.
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12-22-11, 01:21 PM   #136
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=I racechanged from blood elf (after originally being given a blood elf because my friend thought they were "hot") to goblin because goblins are just perfect in every way, and hearing the female emote previews reminded me of myself.
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12-22-11, 02:23 PM   #137
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My son got me started in WoW (during BC), and he convinced me that a Blood Elf Paladin was "THE WAY TO GO!!". Well, for me it wasn't. Oh, sure, my first character was a belf, but I went with Warlock for the class.

My favorite character I have (out of the 38 I have spread across 6 servers) is an Undead Warrior. He's still only level 62, but my favorite. I still don't have a toon above 64, but I still have fun with most of them when I play them.
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12-22-11, 07:34 PM   #138
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Many many many years ago I started playing and chose a night elf druid. Seemed interesting. I remember not having any particular strategy for talents or gearing and everything went really slow. Met a nice person playing a rogue - nelf - and he killed things so quickly - and the evis animation seemed awesome. So I switched to a nelf rogue and loved it. I could finally kill stuff! Just recently - after many years of neglect - got the Druid to 85. The rogue I am struggling with - he's at 74 and he dies - a lot. I am not leveling my 3rd hunter - a Dwarf this time. I love the hunter class and I love playing them - I seriously might make a Panda hunter in MoP just because I love the class so much. And since I am hard core leveler its what i do! I did briefly play Horde for a couple of years - chose Orc Hunter for the pet damage bonus and Troll Rogue for berserking - at that point I started to get a feel for the mechanics and went on purely numbers. I miss my Troll Rogue still - I dominated PvP for some time with him with a couple of friends - we were absolute terrors in WsG Good times!

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01-01-12, 07:37 PM   #139
A Murloc Raider
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Dwarf because I love beer. LOVE BEER. I think they're one of the most jovial races and I love their lore now (although it had very little to do with choosing them initially).

I love Thor. Dwarves made Mjolnir so as soon as it was possible to race change my Orc Shammy to Dwarf I did it and never looked back. (Orc lore was why I chose to make my shammy Orc. And I couldn't stand Draenei at the time)

Enhancement Shaman, drunkenly calling down lighting to encircle him and zapping bitches while he smashes in their faces with Hammers/Mugs. I couldn't be more in love.

I like playing necromancers as well, but the closest thing WoW has to a necromancer is the DK and it's too face smashy and not enough "lock"-ey manipulatey, pet zombie eat-y your face...y.
[The class I play] is imbalanced and broken, [The class that counters my class] should be nerfed because it's too OP, but [The class I counter] is fine and just needs to L2P.
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04-23-12, 04:31 PM   #140
A Kobold Labourer
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I started playing as a troll because they have good racials and they look cool. I became a hunter because of pretty pets and awesome ranged attacks! Also, I only DPS.
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