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New Features on Wowhead!

As posted by our friends over at WoWhead:

Wowhead has just released its long-awaited Item Comparison tool!

This is not just a side-by-side tooltip system, it's a fully-featured comparison with a number of unique capabilities!

For example:
  • The ability to compare multiple items, item sets, or any combination at once.
  • A Gains row which takes out shared stats, so you can focus on what makes each item/group unique.
  • A Focus feature which allows you to look at the advantages and disadvantages of each item relative to the others.
  • Built-in Stat Weighting.
  • Full 3D viewing for any combination of items.
  • Easy drag-and-drop interface.
It's easy to get started! Just use the checkboxes on any item list to add items to the comparison, or head straight to the comparison page via the Tools dropdown!

A full explanation of the features and capabilities of the item comparison tool can be found on our help page.

Yay more toys!
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Oooh nice
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Wooot... that's really nice.
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10-03-08, 02:13 AM   #4
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Ooo very sexy. Must ... Go ... PLAY!

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Yay! I love new features!

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Like always regarding wowhead... GREAT updates.
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Mmm... cookies!!!
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Bannana dance party in celibration

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